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Service is one of the focal points formulating DOOXIN’s core competence. DOOXIN adopts a ‘convenience & swiftness’ service strategy. The service strategy is supported by the following key factors:

Convenience: ‘convenience’ incorporates DOOXIN’s product strategy in standardizing and unifying parts across various product models. Standardization and unification encompass two major respects: (1) the parts across various product models tend to be standardized and unified; (2) the parts integrate with the supplier brands, and they can be sourced at your local service branches should any defect of the parts arise in the process of use. As a result, standardized and unified parts enable tremendous convenience in replacing any damaged parts. Maintenance and replacement of damaged parts become a lot easier that customers do not need to worry much about inability of replacement.

Swiftness: ‘swiftness’ entails DOOXIN providing remote troubleshooting and solution to any defects or issues arising from the use of our products. We react swiftly to the defects and the issues by linking up with engineers/workers in relevant departments and provide real-time suggestions and solutions. Swiftness allows us to realize customer satisfaction based on our proficiency in knowledge and experience in technical solutions to our products.

The service model is shown below,

Please call or email service center if you are confronted with any after-sale problems.

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