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2021, A Good Start for DOOXIN and FMAX

Browsing:21606     Time: 2021-02-09

Along with ending of hectic 2020 and entry into brand new 2021, the company's momentum development has never stopped. In the beginning of 2021, the company has won orders of nearly 40 units both from domestic and abroad. DOOXIN, together with the company's new brand - FMAX, jointly take into force to sell the products to the major agent regions in China and international market. This can be taken as an astounding 'good start' in 2021. The company as a whole teams up, from manufacturing, management, marketing to service, to warrant the production to succeed, so that unit after unit of excavators, loaders are able to be delivered to clients on time. The good start of the new year also marks the endeavor and improvements that Pengcheng Dooxin made in multiple facets including product quality, production efficiency, advertising, sale and after-sale service: old customers' growing trust is gained, and new customers' interests and preference are reaped. This also hints that in the new year, Pengcheng Dooxin and Pengcheng Max will grow highly efficiently and rapidly in brand new posture and conscientious working attitude. 

FMAX agent in Yunnun ordered nearly 20 units of various machine models in lump sum, including sample units and their clients' order. In 2021, they are ready for a big job.

Custom-made wide track shoe, long arm 200 excavator model ordered by Malaysian client are ready to be shipped.

Brazilian customer ordered 5T loaders. Workers are busy with loading and shipping.

Serbian customer ordered FMAX DX340 and DX230, and they are loaded and ready for dispatch.

Also, Filippino customer's 2T loaders order is fullfilled by fast and efficient loading and shipment.

In addition, a series of new orders are in the process of negotiations. After Chinese Spring Festival, the company will embrace a busy spring. Pengcheng Dooxin and Pengcheng Max will constantly win customers' trust and preference by the optimum performance-price-ratio, and premium product quality!

Wish domestic and foreign partners, agents and the society at large a fortunate and happy Year of Ox!

Welcome to Pengcheng Dooxin!

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