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Pengcheng Dooxin Bauma Show Series Report II

Browsing:1079     Time: 2020-12-16

After building and preparation of the stand for several days, exhibition stand of Pengcheng Dooxin for Bauma CHINA show is in place. Nov. 24 is the first day of Bauma show Shanghai. Although mild rain falls in the chilled Shanghai, enthusiasm of attending to the exhibition amongst visitors and VIPs is unobstructed. Symbolic emerald color logo flag of Pengcheng Dooxin flies along with the breeze, welcome numerous visitors from Hall W4 to the entry of outdoor site.

Dooxin Bauma team rigorously prepared company advertising files, gifts, promotional signboards, Wechat program and various types of exhibition articles. Whenever visitors inquired, team members passionately received the visitors and answered the questions raised by the visitors. Visitors are able to gain more knowledge in details about background, strength, brand, price and configuration of the products of the company. Through the hardwork of the team, influence of Pengcheng Dooxin was extended, and more people have known the strengths and characters of Dooxin the brand and products of the company. Expecting that more gains will be realized in future three days of the show.

Welcome to Pengcheng Dooxin!

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