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Supreme performance features

High reliability

Application of DOOXIN patented detachable sealing ring, dust proof and water proof, easy maintenance and upkeep, long-lasting service and high durability;

Cold-pressed steel pipe joint is adopted, joint flange adopts IOS6162 O-ring and groove, dribbling reduces by 80%;

Electrical wiring harness adopts AVSS thin skin wire used on vehicles, waterproof connector extends service life and reliability increases by 100%;

High load bearing

Fork structure front and rear frame, decent stability and high structural strength;

Design for H type bucket is optimized, bucket cracking is prevented, service life increases by 50%, and loading capacity increases by 20%;

High safety level

The interior is made of flame retardant materials and EU standard glass, design is safer;

Color lump reminder is added to instrument panel, electronic oil level meter of fuel facilitates drivers to timely understand working conditions of the whole machine;

ROPS/FOPS optional cabin can effectively protect the driver;

Rear working light is newly added, there is no blind area during working at night.

High comfortableness

Cabin with super broad vision, no blind area, green colored glass, UV protection, attenuates driver's visual fatigue;

Armrest is added, seat material is improved, more humanized, and driver's comfortable feelings are enhanced;

Ergonomic design, adjustable direction machine, pilot control, operation is more convenient and labor-saving.

High economy

DOOXIN Patent technology - heavy duty unloading, energy saving and high efficiency;

Flexible movement: dual pump convergence greatly reduces working time and improves operating efficiency;

High functionality

An array of optional working devices for configuration, suitable for numerous working conditions, a machine with multiple functions and high functionality.

Performance parameter

Operating mass 20400kg
Rated power 175kw
Bucket capacity 3.5m3
Rated loading capacity 6T
Forward/reverse gear 1 6.1km/h
Forward/reverse gear 2 10.9km/h
Forward/reverse gear 3 22km/h
Forward gear 4 38km/h
Tractive capacity 173KN
Turning angle 35o
Turning radius 7470mm
Maximum breakout force 175KN
Total length 8820mm
Total width 3128mm
Total height 3465mm
Dumping height 3330mm
Dumping distance 1330mm
Gearbox ZF
Gears Front 3 rear 4
Fuel tank capacity 340L
Hydraulic tank capacity 305L
Ascending time 6.5s
Total time of bucket movement 10.5s
Tyre 23.5-25-20PR

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